Annex 1. Integrated Student Profile Questionnaire

General data
1. Age

2. Civil state

3. Sex

4. To which state of the Mexican Republic do you belong?
a. State
b. Foreigner

5. Modality to which you belong

6. Mark your course of study

7. Semester

8. Do you perform some extra-academic activity?

9. What language(s) do you speak:

10. Some students did finish their studies. If this is your case, what was the most important reason?

11. When you started studying, did you have previous experience using technology in the teaching-learning process?

12. Are you working now?

13. Why did you choose this institution?

14. How are you paying for your education?

15. Educational level of your parents

16. Do your parents or guardians work at a paying job?

17. Your parents’ occupation

Please indicate to what extent you agree or disagree with each statement in the following. Mark an X below the number that corresponds to the value you assign it.
1= Totally agree
2= Agree
3= Neutral
4= Disagree
5= Totally disagree

39. What other aspects do you think define a successful student?

40. If you are interested in the results of this questionnaire and want to receive follow-up information, please write your full name, matriculation number, major, semester and email.